Common Name Wild Pumeria, White frangipani
Botanical Name Plumeria pudica
Local Name
Native/Non Native Non Native
Origin Panama, Columbia and Venezuela
Location at Holy Family Church Potted plant near the sacristy

(These photographs are authentic captures from the Holy Family Church campus, portraying the scenic splendour of the place.)

Wild Plumeria is known for its beautiful white flowers.

It is an evergreen, relatively small tree or shrub, reaching a height of up to 6 m. It usually has one or two slender trunks that branch close to the ground forming a dense slightly spreading crown.

The plant looks attractive because of its beautiful leaves, which are unique fiddle-shaped or like the shape of a cobra head which makes it distinctive from other Frangipani.

Large clusters of bright white flowers with small yellow centers cover this tree as a beautiful bouquet, hence the common name. The flowers are not fragrant.

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