Common Name Love Apple, Wax/Water/Rose/Java Apple
Botanical Name Syzygium samarangense
Local Name
Native/Non Native Native
Origin Malaya to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Location at Holy Family Church Behind Jesuit residence

(These photographs are authentic captures from the Holy Family Church campus, portraying the scenic splendour of the place.)

The Love Apple is a tropical evergreen tree that grows up to 12 meters tall. The flowers and resulting fruit can appear on nearly any point on the surface of the trunk and branches.

The flowers are white and the fruit is a bell-shaped edible berry, commonly found in colors ranging from white, pale green and pink. However, there are also varieties that are red, crimson, purple, deep purple and black.

The fruit is also known as Wax Apple or Water Apple since 70 per cent of its content is made of water.

The fruit exhibits pharmacological properties like anticancerous, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, antioxidant properties and CNS depressant activities.

It is assumed that Jambudweep, the name of Ancient India, was derived from this tree.

In the book Fruits of Warm Climates, Julia Morton points out the medicinal properties and uses of this tree in several South Asian countries as well as the tropical regions of the United States.

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