Common Name Queen's Flower, Pride of India
Botanical Name Lagerstroemia speciosa
Local Name
Native/Non Native Native
Origin India
Location at Holy Family Church In front of the Church next to old school building

(These photographs are authentic captures from the Holy Family Church campus, portraying the scenic splendour of the place.)

The flower of the Jarul tree has been identified as the state flower of Maharashtra.

The flowers are borne on top of the canopy and occur in shades of purple, violet and mauve. They have crinkly petals and yellow-orange stamens. For their beauty, the flowers are rightly called Queen's flower.

This beautiful avenue tree of medium height is deciduous and has an attractive, spotted bark that often peels. The bark is commercially used and is a valuable timber.

The simple and oblong leaves are also appealing as they turn red right before they drop in the winter. The fruit is brown and round with a pointed tip.

The tree is rainfall loving and can be found in rainfall dominant locations, but studies have shown it to be hardy surviving in places with moderate rainfall too.

The bark and leaves have astringent and purgative properties. In Indonesia, the leaves are prescribed for abdominal pains and a decoction of boiled leaves has proven qualities in reducing blood sugar levels. The seeds are said to be narcotic.

The wood is pale red when freshly sawn, darkening to a handsome reddish brown. It is used for construction work and to make carts, wagons, boxes, panelling, gun-stocks and is also durable underwater.

The scientific name speciosa is apt, as it means splendid or showy. A postal stamp was issued by the Postal Department to commemorate this flower.

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